The Road South

I took this photo a few days ago, and liked it enough to share. It was taken on Coronado Heights, looking towards the south.

MT-Blacklist: Don’t Blog Without It!*

Looking back I find that I first installed the MT-Blacklist plugin about a year ago. Since then the amount of comment and trackback spam has done nothing but increase, seemingly with no end! I really noticed this after a period of not using MT-Blacklist; every day there were more and more spams to be deleted, … Read more

Winter Wonderland

Though the first snow of the season doesn’t usually last long (and if fact, last night’s snow should be mostly gone by sundown), it sure is beautiful in the bright morning sunlight. Here’s a selection of shots from around our house this morning:

Like Stepping Off a Cliff

So has winter suddenly arrived in mid-central Kansas. After weeks of unseasonably warm weather, (we’ve been tracking Bristol, UK and San Jose, CA temps within 10 degrees day and night), winter weather has arrived. This morning it was a good 20 degrees colder here than in either of the aforementioned locations, plus, we’ve got a … Read more

First Snow!

A little after 8:30 PM it began snowing here in Lindsborg. Our first snow of the season and our first snow in many, many years. The snowflakes are big and moist; the deck and trees are already turning white with close to an inch of accumulated snow. Now I know this post will seem silly … Read more

One Thing Leads to Another

So, how’s your day going? Update: alternate link, in case first one isn’t working. Thanks to Joi Ito.

G5 Optimized Firefox

First, if you aren’t using Firefox as your primary browser, why not? It works better than Internet Explorer, it’s free, and it’s an easy download. It works on just about any computer, including PCs, Linux and the Mac. One measure of the maturity of Firefox is that I use it on a corporate intranet where … Read more

Mac Migration

The G5 Powermac was introduced a couple of months before I bought my first ever Apple computer, a G4 Powerbook. I knew at the time that the G5 offered much greater performance, but the need for portability indicated that the Powerbook was a much better choice for me. In addition, I have a strong aversion … Read more

Site Updated to Latest Movable Type

I updated the site to the latest version of MovableType, largely to better fight comment spam by using the MT-Blacklist plugin. The upgrade went well as did the installation of MT-Blacklist. I’ve missed this program lately, as the level of comment (and occasional trackback) spam has been steadily rising and I hadn’t installed version 2 … Read more

404: Country Not Found

Another fine example of a 404: Page not Found spoof. Thanks to