Lindsborg Weather Blog

At the risk of turning this into a Lindsborg weather blog, today we’ll take a look at the beauty that results after the cold rain and snow we’ve had the past couple of days. It was miserable out (it took Sheryl twice as long as normal to get to Salina for Adelia’s surgery), but like I told Marsha, we moved here eyes wide open so I’m not going to complain (yet).

Today dawned bright and beautiful compared to the rest of the week, and even before finishing my first cup of cofee I was out the door and having a look all around. Here are a couple of images that I think are worth sharing.

sun streaming through icy trees icy pine branch

Actually, despite the weather we did go up to Coronado Heights yesterday towards sunset, just to get out of the house; guess I’ll include a couple of those photos as well.

Coronado steps in the snow Coronado castle in the snow