Lindsborg Forums at the Riverside Cafe

In the spirit of utilizing modern online collaboration tools to strengthen and extend our conversations, I’ve setup an online forum where folks can chat about Lindsborg and topics of interest to residents, visitors and friends of Lindsborg.

The forum is sort of a modern version of “letters to the editor”, but it’s more than that. Rather than just a one-way dialogue (well, two-way over a period of weeks as letters are exchanged) the online forum allows these public conversations to take place in near real time.

Also, due to space considerations, typically only a few letters can be published in any newspaper. Space isn’t an issue with the online forum, but like with newspapers, there are certain rules of the road that help facilitate informative and useful discussions. In other words, well-reasoned, on-topic conversations work much better than the alternatives.

So, residents, visitors and friends of Lindsborg, come join us down at the Riverside Cafe for some fine conversation about Little Sweden USA.

Oh, and the name of the site? Both my folks, in the mid-sixties, and my grandmother, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, owned and managed the little diner known as the Riverside Cafe. The online site of the same name is published in their honor.