Lindsborg Forums at the Riverside Cafe

In the spirit of utilizing modern online collaboration tools to strengthen and extend our conversations, I’ve setup an online forum where folks can chat about Lindsborg and topics of interest to residents, visitors and friends of Lindsborg. The forum is sort of a modern version of “letters to the editor”, but it’s more than that. … Read more

John C. Magnuson: Candidate for Mayor of Lindsborg

On Friday January 21, 2005, John C. Magnuson, CPA filed by petition for the office of mayor of Lindsborg, KS. Mr. Magnuson was born in Lindsborg and was raised on a farm south of Lindsborg. He graduated from Lindsborg High School, attended Bethany College and graduated from Washburn University with a BBA with emphasis in … Read more

Magnuson Campaign Issues

In addition to the number of people who have contacted him there are four basic issues that John Magunson felt needed to be addressed: First being the mayor’s cavalier attitude toward the 1,034 signers of the streetscape petition has been appalling. The mayor has publicly impugned, denigrated and belittled the opponents to his beloved streetscape. … Read more

Backyard Cardinal

One of the pleasures of living in the midwest is sharing our backyard with a pair of cardinals. Virtually unknown in California, they are fairly common here. Cardinals are very shy birds, but I think I’ll be able to get some decent photos using the technique illustrated in the photo below. Known as afocal photography, … Read more