Small Town Politics

The local paper has rescinded its three week moratorium on printing letters to the editor. It was a misguided attempt to control the political discourse in our community and it failed. Credit to the Lindsborg News-Record for making the right decision in the end (even if they can’t spell my name correctly).

It’s interesting that during the hiatus not one, but two online forums sprang into existence to try and fill the void created by the paper’s refusal to serve as a community resource. In addition, local blogger SeeOscar is hosting some very informative discussions on topics near and dear to local residents.

Interesting too that the revived letters section is now touted as a “forum”. Interesting choice of terms, no? Also, despite repeated requests, the paper refused to print the URLs for the forums; maybe they can’t handle the competition? (Though in reality the forums are more complementary than competitive in nature.)

Denial ain’t just a river …