We Get Around

It’s safe to say we had a blast visiting the SF bay area last week. As this image of our GPS tracks shows, we spent a lot of time driving on highway 1 near the ocean. From Stinson Beach to Santa Cruz, we enjoyed every mile. Now, after a too short time at work, and … Read more

Skyline Sunset

We went for a drive after work and ended up heading up old La Honda road to Skyline Drive. First time on that road, and what a neat, twisty, narrow road it was! It’s kind of amazing that we are still finding new places to visit here, even after 25+ years. Anyway, I had a … Read more

Golden Gate to Stinson Beach

Since we love to drive, and love the ocean, it seemed an obvious choice to drive up the coast on Sunday. We started in Half Moon Bay, worked our way up to San Francisco, crossed the Golden Gate on our way to Sausalito, and ended the journey near Stinson Beach. Along the way we discovered … Read more

Window Seat Photos

Inspired by Doc, who has published many nice aerial shots, and by the work of this pBase aerial photographer, I sat in the window seat for the first time in a long time. Luckily, I got a few interesting photos; enough that I will try taking more pictures next time I fly. Steve Fossett completed … Read more

Spam be Gone

For the time being, I’ve disabled comments on this site. You can email me if you have a comment, and we’ll take it from there. I resisted this decision for a long time, and believe it to be temporary. I have some extreme deadline pressure for a major project at work and simply don’t have … Read more