San Mateo Coast Sunset / A Flock of Egrets

I was looking through the pictures of our recent trip, trying to select the best ones for posting and came across a beautiful sunset picture overlooking the cloud-covered Pacific Ocean near the San Mateo coast.

Though I was pretty much done with images from the northern leg of the trip, the soft golden hues, and interesting patterns of light and shadow caused me to post one more image before moving south, down to San Diego.

You may click on the image to see a larger version at flickr.

San Mateo coast sunset

In addition, it gives me a place to post another photo that didn’t fit in with any of the larger sets I normally post. Below is a picture of a flock of egrets, close to highway 101 somewhere near San Luis Obispo. They bright white feathers contrast nicely with the rich green hills seen in the background.

egrets in flight

Note that per a previous posting, these images are hosted on flickr. In addition, I’m trying something new with the 2nd image. It doesn’t just link to the flickr page for the image; it links to a page showing a set of images that include a few more photos of the egrets. The set may then be viewed as a slide show, or any particular image may be viewed at a larger size.