California Desert Near Blythe

Continuing our long journey (didn’t we start in March?) home from San Diego, today’s posting covers the 19th of March, a day we spent wandering off the beaten track in the desert near Blythe, California. The road shown in the picture was one of the best ones where we were. Sometimes a dry creekbed served … Read more

Stormy Sunset

Last Saturday we were running errands up in Salina when a sudden storm blew up from the soutwest. Storm chasing, storm loving crazies that we are, we abandoned shopping and headed west, out towards Kanopolis. It was a pleasant drive, with very little rain, but lots of dramatic interplay between the storm clouds and the … Read more

New Postings on Little Sweden USA

<shameless plug> Just wanted to remind folks about a site I setup recently, Little Sweden, USA: A Blog About Lindsborg. It’s intended to be the place I blog about my experiences living in Lindsborg, KS and though the focus will evolve over time, it’s likely to be a bit biased towards reporting about events that … Read more

Mike’s Radio Debut

As part of my role as the publicity chair for Lindsborg’s Midsummer’s Festival I’ll be appearing on a weekly radio broadcast in order to share information about the festival and other news about Lindsborg, such as upcoming events or visitors of note. My appearances are around 8:11 am on Friday mornings, on radio station KSAL, … Read more

San Diego to Blythe: 18 March 2005

I’d like to finish documenting our spring west coast trip before we go back this summer, so without further ado, here’s the latest entry. Today’s travels (actually back on March 18th) take us from San Diego to the far eastern edge of California, in Blythe. Along the way we saw magnificent spring flowers, including this … Read more

It’s Been Three Years!

Three years since I began writing this blog. I actually made my very first post on in March of 2001, but never followed up with a 2nd post. Then, in mid-May of 2002, I installed movabletype, wrote my first entry on this site, and haven’t looked back! I’ve learned a lot, had a lot … Read more

Mammatus Clouds at Sunset

A few days ago we were fortunate enough to observe a somewhat unusual cloud formation known as mammatus clouds. We first became aware of them via an entry on the astro photo of the day site a while back, and were quite happy to see them for ourselves. Looking like giant cloud “drops” in the … Read more

San Diego: March 2005

Better late than never, here’s the latest installment of our March, west coast business trip, travelogue. After 10 days of working in Palo Alto, we headed south; it was during this drive we saw the egrets mentioned in the last update. In due time we arrived in San Diego for the eTech05 conference. Below is … Read more