California Desert Near Blythe

Continuing our long journey (didn’t we start in March?) home from San Diego, today’s posting covers the 19th of March, a day we spent wandering off the beaten track in the desert near Blythe, California.

The road shown in the picture was one of the best ones where we were. Sometimes a dry creekbed served as the “road”.

desert road

It was a beautiful, crisp day, and the desert was very green due to a rainy winter.

desert vista

Desert flowers highlighted against a dark, stormy sky (thankfully it didn’t rain).

desert flowers

Part of exploring a desert is looking for interesting rocks and minerals along the way. Though I’m not sure what these are, other than the geode in the upper right, they are nonetheless interesting specimens. (Image is a scan of the minerals set right on the glass of a flatbed scanner. Tip of the hat to these guys for turning me on to the technique.)

desert minerals
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