Internal Torture Device

My brother Steven has an internal heart debrillator that he calls his internal torture device. On Sunday last, it saved his life. I took my inflatable kayak out of the truck and started to inflate it. About half way through the pumping process, I was rudely interuppted with a shock therapy. This therapy like almost … Read more

Midsummer’s Day: Photos and Commentary

I had the very special pleasure to attend my first Midsummer’s Day festival in Lindsborg yesterday. It was a beautiful day, sunny but not too hot and the north(Swensson) park in Lindsborg was filled with people enjoying the day. There was a wide variety of good food available, and many local artists and crafts-people were … Read more

West Coast Trip Journal Online

For the past few years, after the completion of some of our travels, I’ve taken all the related postings and reassembled them into a single large page. The individual entries on the page appear in ascending date order, which makes for better reading after the fact, compared to a blog where orders are posted in … Read more

Arizona Desert: Spring Flowers and Cactus

Here’s the final entry* in the journal of our trip out west in March of this year. These photos were taken on March 20th, between Blythe, California and Phoenix, Arizona. This was a very wet spring, and as a result the wildflowers were especially numerous and colorful this year.        * After these photos … Read more

Site Upgraded to MT 3.17

I’m usually pretty good about keeping the site updated with the latest code from MovableType, but I missed the April update, so tonight have upgraded from MT3.15 to MT3.17. As usual, the upgrade takes about as long as writing the note to document the event.

Saved by Science

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Saved by Science is the name of an exhibition of photographs taken in the storage areas of the museum. Justine Cooper’s rich collection of fine photographs are fascinating and at times mildly disturbing as they reveal the realities … Read more

Yucca Plants on Coronado Heights

We’ve only been in Kansas in June once in the past 28 years, and so our exposure to the local Yucca plants has always been after they have bloomed. Somewhere I have pictures of the shell of a Yucca plant filled with snow, but we’ve never seen them in full bloom until this year. The … Read more