Spillway View

We’ve been geocaching off and on for a couple of years, and this weekend we placed our first geocache for others to locate. Known as Spillway View, it’s located near Kanopolis Lake, about 18 miles west of Lindsborg. I can’t say too much about it, as the whole point of geocaching is the enjoyment that comes from trying to find various (Lindsborg area) caches. One family has already found Spillway View, (they liked it!) and I hope others enjoy the search as well.

It’s worth noting that while we were out that way we drove by the site of a previously visited cache, Blue Bonneville. As we noted last time, this cache is somewhat difficult to find and the roads are definitely less traveled. Enough so that this time, much more than in April, I was a bit concerned about their condition (think deep ruts, soft sand, etc) as we made our way along an otherwise idyllic path.