All Around This World

I use the services of a company known as Sitemeter, and via their online reporting system I have access to a wide variety of reports concerning the traffic to this web site. Reports include the number of visitors per day, the search words used to find this site, and so on.

When I can see that someone viewed one of our recipes I always wonder, did they make it that night? did they enjoy it? Or if they find the story about my Mohs surgery, did it give them useful info, or provide comfort?

There’s other useful or interesting data available as well. Based on the fact that only a tiny number (1/3rd of 1%) of visitors to this site have small (640×480) screens, and in fact, 85% have screens larger than 800×600, I decided to try posting larger images, especially for the recent travel photos. I’m also pleased to note that the percentage of Firefox users continues to grow.

Sitemeter recently introduced a cool new feature, the Visitors World Map report. It’s a map of the world, with dots showing the nominal locations of the past few hundred site visitors (about 2-3 days worth). Determining location is subject to some limitations related to accuracy, but does come surprisingly close.

This image really helps demonstrate that it is the world wide web!

worldwide hits