Marbled Cheesecake Recipe

This is an easy recipe for a delicious cheesecake. This recipe has been taste-tested many times and is always a winner! Marbled Cheesecake 2 8-oz packages softened cream cheese 1/2 C sugar 1/4 C half and half 1 tsp vanilla 2 eggs 2 Tbs unsweetened cocoa 1 Oreo pie crust Blend cream cheese, sugar, half/half … Read more

Stormy Weather: the Video

I took a couple of minutes of footage from atop Coronado Heights on Friday evening. It was during the midst of a storm I’ll never forget. We saw on the local news that wind gusts of up to 72 miles per hour were recorded during the storm; no wonder we had slight concerns about being … Read more

Stormy Weather

Here are a few pictures we took about an hour ago. We were up on Coronado Heights watching a storm. When we first got there things were pretty quiet and we parked at the southwest corner. Within a few minutes the wind had come up and we decided to move closer to the “castle”. Did … Read more

Grand Canyon Photos, June 2005

On our recent trip out west we had the opportunity to spend a fair amount of time at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. No surprise, many photos were taken; a few of which are shown below (click on any of the images to visit our Flickr Grand Canyon image set).

Also on This Day

60 years ago the most horrific weapon known to man, the nuclear bomb, was used against the Japanese city of Nagasaki. The cost, in terms of civilian lives lost as a result of using such a weapon, was weighed against the likely much higher number of lives that would be lost in a ground battle … Read more

There’s Still That Song

A broken angel sings from a guitar. Jerry played the sweetest, most hypnotic and soulful guitar I’ve ever heard. He had what Miles Davis called the “tone”. Many could be called his technical better, but few his equal in terms of how deeply he was appreciated by his fans. His music spoke volumes to many … Read more

10 Years Ago

on a cold dark night, … oh wait, that’s another song. But it was 10 years ago, and it was night time. I haven’t shared this story before, but now seems as good a time as any. The real story begins a few days earlier. Sheryl and I were visiting relatives in Kansas, and she … Read more

All Aboard!

Perhaps it’s just a distraction, a way of keeping my mind off of more serious matters, but for whatever reason it’s come to pass that I’ve finally acted upon something that’s been on my mind off and on for several years. I bought a model railroad set and am in the early phases of planning … Read more

Cool Summer Treat

What a great combination: hot summer days and ice cold watermelon! Though perhaps these are too pretty too eat?   Click on any of the images above to view a gallery of over 30 carved watermelon images.