Bridgeport and Twin Lakes Area

We love the area near Bridgeport and Twin Lakes California, and go there every chance we get. Fortune found us there in early July this year, where we spent the night before continuing our journey home to Lindsborg. Like we’ve seen so many other times this year, the water levels in the area creeks and lakes was much higher than normal. Besides the beauty of Twin Lakes, this area features a few nice mineral hot springs, a couple of which are shown below. (More pictures of the Bridgeport area are available.)

This view of the Crags is taken just outside of Bridgeport, on the way to Twin Lakes. The Crags oversee Twin Lakes, which is behind the hill in the foreground. We’ve never seen this much snow on the Crags before, another indication of just how wet it was last winter!

the Crags

This overflowing waterfall separates the upper and lower Twin Lakes.

between upper and lower Twin Lakes

Buckeye Hot Springs is one of the most special hot springs we’ve ever experienced. Located at the bottom of a fairly steep hill and bordered by Buckeye Creek, it’s truly a magical place. All the hot springs in the area are mineral-laden, and it’s quite relaxing to soak in a place of such natural beauty.

Buckeye hot spring

This smaller spring overlooking Buckeye is much easier to access than Buckeye itself!

hot spring hot spring

(More pictures of the Bridgeport area are available.)

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