Looking Back 4 Years

We were visiting Lindsborg back on 9/11, and due to the disruption in air travel we ended up driving back home to San Jose. Stunned by the events of that day, we took our time driving and were able to make a few stops along the way. The attitude at the Grand Canyon was hushed and I don’t think we were the only ones with a renewed appreciation for our country. And, while we were stuck in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, we were able to warn an elderly couple against going down the very same road where we were stuck! (Thanks to the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce for sending help that day!)

After we got home, I put together a little photo-essay of our visit to Kansas and the drive home. The design is not one I’d use today, though the red, white and blue theme remains timeless. Interesting too, that in some ways this mini-site served to motivate me to begin blogging. I had shared the site with a large number of family and friends, and Tom remarked something to the effect of, “I like the pictures, but you should add some words; let us know what you were thinking”. Thanks, Tom, and thanks to all who gave, and continue to give, in service of our country.