What Is Going On!?

I’m just sick sitting here watching the disaster down in the Gulf Coast.

IT’S BEEN 4 FREAKING DAYS!!! and virtually no relief efforts in sight. Where’s the National Guard? Where’s FEMA? Where is any response at all (besides the heroic helicopter rescues)?

There should have been emergency response crews on site by Tuesday afternoon, when it became clear the levees weren’t going to hold. The fact that it’s now Thursday afternoon and the city of New Orleans appears to have been abandoned just makes me sick.

Sure, giving to the Red Cross will help eventually, but what about now? Are just going to watch more of these people die right in front of us? I’ve already contacted my congressional representatives, encouraging a heightened response, and encourage you to do the same.

One thing is clear; expect absolutely no help from the US government if there’s a major disaster, natural or man-made. Like we were taught in California earthquake country, keep emergency supplies on hand, and be prepared to be cut-off from any semblance of officialdom for up to a week.