Photos of Our Yorkie

The most popular page on this site is a bit surprising. It’s the July 2003 archive page. A bit of investigating revealed that the page is very popular due to the fact that it has a picture of our Yorkshire Terrier, Sparkle. That particular picture is the number 5 entry when searching for “Yorkie” at the Google images archive and thus generates a lot of traffic.

So, for all those folks looking for pictures of Yorkies, I created a Flickr set of all of the pictures of our Yorkshire Terrier that we’ve uploaded so far. There’s only 5 pictures to date, so we’ll have to work on that … a bit later … now there are 7 photos!

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll see when you visit our Yorkie Set at Flickr:

Sparkle, our Yorkie, out geocaching

on the deck

And here’s the picture that started all this:

Sparkle as a puppy