Susan Polgar Blogs Lindsborg

With the continuing popularity of blogs and blogging, it should come as no surprise that world-class chess player Susan Polgar has a blog. What’s exciting is that she has made many postings about her recent visit to Lindsborg, including many photos of her and our other recent visitor, Mikhail Gorbachev.

For easy reference, here is the complete list of Susan’s Gorbie visits Lindsborg and Chess for Peace related postings: (updated 31 October 2005; 8 new posts since yesterday. I guess Susan is what’s known as a prolific blogger!)

Heading the Chess for Peace Parade

President Gorbachev visiting the Chess School

President Gorbachev, a true gentleman

Watching the Chess for Peace Parade

Chess for Peace Parade of Future Champions

Chess for Peace Marching Band

Chess for Peace Parade

President Gorbachev and me

President Gorbachev, his assistant and me

President Gorbachev and me

President Gorbachev making the first move

President Gorbachev, his daughter Irina and me

Press conference with President Mikhail Gorbachev

Playing some practice blitz games

Serene Lindsborg is now swamped with media and secret service

Beautiful and quiet night in Lindsborg before the showdown

Chess For Peace