More on Thumbnail Archives

It didn’t take too long for me to realize that if thumbnail archives were a good idea for luminosity’s date-based archives, they would be an even better idea for the category-based archives. The monthly archives could only have a maximum of 31 entries, where any particular category archive might contain many times that number of … Read more

The Year in Review: 2005

I’ve forgotten where I saw this style of year-end review, but I like the approach, and so took a few minutes to put together my own year in review post, based on the entries to this site over the past year. Basically, how it works is, if you have a blog, you copy the beginning … Read more

Thumbnail Archives

I’m continuing to enjoy posting my favorite images on my photoblog, luminosity; sometimes posting images from our travels, and other days posting images from closer to home. Today I added a cool new feature to the site: thumbnail based archives! The thumbnail archive pages display thumbnail images of each image posted during a given month. … Read more

A Christmas Wish

In these trying times, with American soldiers once again in harm’s way and warfare and fighting happening in too many parts of the world, I wish that the spirit of Christmas, as exhibited in 1914, would spread over the entire world. I find this story comforting, as it reveals that behind all the politics, we’re … Read more

The Green Dot

Things often get a little crazy around the holidaze, especially the last week before Christmas. In that spirit, and to start the week off on a lighter note, I offer yet another in a series of optical illusions I’ve posted over the years: If your eyes follow the movement of the rotating pink dot, you … Read more

Cardinals in the Snow

  We’ve been graced by the presence of a pair of cardinals the past couple days. They live in our yard, but are usually very shy; I think the presence of easily accessible food during the recent snow storm has helped changed that, or so we’re hoping.

December Blues

The 8th and 9th of December are always poignant days for me. My very good friend Milton died on the 8th, and my mother died on the ninth. It’s been 18 years(!!) since Milton passed away, and as my brother noted on his blog, only 3 years since mom left us. I agree with Steven … Read more

So Long John

While some fear that the events of December 7th, a day that will live in infamy, are in danger of being losts to the mists of time, I think that such fading and moving on is a natural part of the cycle of life. While it’s important to honor our nation’s history, the fact is … Read more

No Words, Just Pictures

I’ve been entirely too busy to make any postings here since Thanksgiving, at least not any that required more than one or 2 sentences. I posted those short entries over on luminosity, where I published my 50th entry this morning! I know, Tom nudged me towards blogging a few years ago, after I posted a … Read more