Weird Weather

It’s 5pm. It’s 80 degrees with thin, hazy clouds. There are 3 weeks left to go this winter, and I live in Lindsborg, Kansas, where it’s not unusal to have blizzards at this time of year. Contrast that to Palo Alto, where it’s cloudy and 58 degrees. Where I’m living, at this time of year … Read more

Google Earth at Night

Many folks have seen images of the earth at night, showing the lights from cities and towns around the world. I think the first poster I saw in this vein was back in the early 80s. Graduate student Peter Pesti (blog) has taken the concept into the 21st century. Married with google map technologies, his … Read more

Marion and Maxwell

We took a nice drive Sunday afternoon, swinging through Maxwell Game Preserve, across the tip of Marion Reservoir, and on to our final destination, Marion County Lake. We’d never been to the small fishing lake south of Marion and were delighted with Marion County Lake. It’s a relatively small lake, but plenty big enough to … Read more

Certainty and Doubt

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. – Bertrand Russell

Chinese Farm Photos

In one of those find 10 interesting things while looking up something completely unrelated, I came across some stunning photos of life in rural China. These images illustrate the extreme terracing used to maximize food production, but they go beyond that. They are extremely beautiful pictures, with fantastic lighting and deeply saturated color. Most of … Read more

Kiwanis Presentation

Last week I had the honor and privilege of giving a presentation to our local Kiwanis club on the topic of collecting fluorescent minerals. The person who takes minutes takes very detailed minutes, including the names of the rocks I presented and so on. Given the slightly technical nature of the talk, I was given … Read more

State of the Union

Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool– how much worse lying lips to a ruler – Proverbs 17:7 New International Bible