Marion and Maxwell

We took a nice drive Sunday afternoon, swinging through Maxwell Game Preserve, across the tip of Marion Reservoir, and on to our final destination, Marion County Lake. We’d never been to the small fishing lake south of Marion and were delighted with Marion County Lake. It’s a relatively small lake, but plenty big enough to enjoy with a small boat.

The drive through Maxwell was fruitful, as we saw both the fairly common bison as well as the somewhat hard to spot elk:

Maxwell Bison

Elk at Maxwell

We were very happy our route took across the northern tip of Marion Reservoir as we spotted not one, but two Bald Eagles! They are hard to photograph well without a longer lens, but here they are anyway (the first image also includes a white pelican):

eagle & pelican bald eagle

We’ve seen migrating pelicans by the dozens at Marion Reservoir in the past, but could never get any pictures worth sharing. Today, while visiting Marion County Lake, there was one lone pelican on the water:

white pelican

Finally, also at Marion County Lake, a flock of ducks took to the air as I was starting to take pictures, and I caught them taking off (nice duck walk in the first one), and then in flight:


ducks in flight