Cocoapuff the Yorkie

cocoapuff the yorkie

cocoapuff the yorkie

Lisa and Moneka took possession of their new Yorkie puppy this evening. What a cutie! They brought him over to meet our Yorkie, Sparkle.

Sparkle was not impressed and declined to be photographed for this article.

2 thoughts on “Cocoapuff the Yorkie”

  1. Hi Melinda,

    Cocoa belongs to me and my daughter so I thought I’d add some links to my flickr, not all are recent ones, but will show him as he aged somewhat.

    here he is 2 1/2 years old

    Here he is at 10 1/2 weeks, 2 days after we brought him home.

    And here he is at 6 weeks, he lost all of his dark coat as he got older, not sure if yours will do the same.

  2. i was wondering if you had a picture of cocopuff now as an adult. i have a pup that looks like her in this picture and i was wondering how she would look. thank you thank you thank you.

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