Phone Calls

The evening of the day I read about Elena I had the opportunity to watch our grand-daughter perform at a school event. As a result of this tragic loss, I had a more heightened sense of awareness, and tried to remain totally in the moment and appreciate Moneka in the here and now. When we got a phone call that night at 3am tellling us that Moneka had to go the hospital for a possible appendicitis I was struck with an irrational, but nonetheless deep fear; thankfully everything turned out OK for us.

I don’t know Elena’s parents, but heard about their tragedy via a few of the bloggers I read regularly. And so it came to pass that I also heard about the story of the phone calls from Jeneane. Warning: if you’ve got kids/grandkids, be sure to read this at a time and place where sniffling or even outright crying won’t be a problem.

A call from above

Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart …