Chocolate Harleys and More

I came across this picture of a Harley carved out of chocolate and wanted to share, especially with my brothers, one of whom recently purchased a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. As it turns out, the bike was carved by famous artist Jim Victor who works using a variety of media. In the food carving … Read more

Sleepy Alligator in the Noonday Sun

So begins one of my favorite early Dead songs, Alligator. I mention that because today is the 35th anniversary of one of the Grateful Dead’s more famous shows: 4/29/71, Live at the Fillmore East. One of my favorites, it’s a fun show, featuring the last-ever performed Alligator as well as a very strong We Bid … Read more

Dear Mr. President

Click on the arrow above to watch P!nk perform her new song, Dear Mr. President. As many have noted, music speaks to our emotional side, and this is a very powerful music video. Link to lyrics of Dear Mr. President. Link to video of Dear Mr. President in case embedded version doesn’t work. Sorry for … Read more

National Geographic “Zips” Lindsborg

Imagine my surprise when I checked the mail last Saturday and found an article featuring Lindsborg in the May issue of the National Geographic. I hadn’t heard anything about the story in advance so it was quite a pleasant surprise to see our home town of Lindsborg, Kansas featured in the National Geographic’s Zip USA … Read more

Beginning CSS

Occasionally I’m called upon for advice and tips related to using CSS to style web pages. The use of CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, is a modern and powerful design technique used to help separate the design of a web site from the site’s content. Style sheets control how a web site looks, but … Read more

(Formerly) Kanopolis Lake

As these photos show, Kanopolis Lake continues to recede at an alarming rate. The worst effects of the drought are shown here, in the northeast area of the lake. The radio reported yesterday that there is only one boat ramp in operation, and its fate is in doubt as long as this drought continues. We … Read more

Six Months of Luminosity

Wow! It seems like just yesterday, armed with my new Canon Rebel XT and a couple of nice lenses, that I started the photoblog known as luminosity. And yet, here we are. That’s 183 photos, some from my archives, but many posted within days, if not hours, of having been taken. And though lacking the … Read more

Luminosity Update

I recently made some changes to luminosity both to make the site more appealing and to clean up some design loose ends. Given that I now have a wealth of luminosity images available at flickr, I setup a badge, similar to the ever-changing image display on the side of this blog. I was able to … Read more

Luminosity on Flickr

In order to share the images from my photoblog, luminosity, with a larger audience, I decided to post them on Flickr. I recently uploaded all 176 photos that have been posted to luminosity over the past few months; I won’t update Flickr every time I post to luminosity but instead will occasionally post a catch-up … Read more

An Acquired Taste

From the BBC comes news that some European airlines have banned the Swedish delicacy known as Surstr√∂mming. I’d never heard of Surstr√∂mming before, and based on the description in the article, I’m not likely to try it any time soon. The Baltic herring is fermented in barrels for months before being put in tin cans, … Read more