A KVM That Works

Finally! Over the years I’ve tried 3 different KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) switches and have finally found one that works! And by works, I mean it simply works. Not some of the time, not sort of, it just works. I need to share the keyboard, display and mouse between at least 2, and ideally up to 4 computers and have long been searching for a switch that simply works.

Now I have a solution that works. No more using a switch with one keyboard and 3 mice, or using a keyboard but not being able to use the extended keys (like mute!). Or having it work sometimes, but not others (at which point I would unplug from the KVM and plug directly into the computer I was using at that moment.) Towards the end I was using a manual, mechanical switch; I would literally unplug the USB keyboard/mouse from one computer and plug into the other, not using my KVM at all. (The video was handled by virtue of the fact I have 2 video inputs, and am using the higher quality DVI input with the Mac.) Obviously, not an ideal way to share the keyboard and mouse with multiple computers.

I thought, well, if literally switching between systems worked, there had to be a KVM that would work the same way. After some searching I came across a brand I’d never heard of before, but one that got high marks on Amazon. I’ve been using my 4-port ConnectPro KVM for the past 10 days or so, and it has worked flawlessly with my Mac, linux computer and laptop running XP.

I’m very, very happy with this unit and highly recommend it for those who are tired of KVM switches that only work part of the time or with diminished functionality. It should be noted that to switch between computers requires pressing a button on the unit as opposed to using a keyboard shortcut. Slightly inconvenient, but given its otherwise flawless performace I feel it’s a small price to pay,

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  1. I just got a 2-port ConnectPro for my Mac Mini and my Windows machine. It was easy to get it running. However, I have noticed a small flaw. A few pixels are missing at the left side of the display (1280×1024 LCD) for both machines. I wouldn’t have noticed except that I keep my Mac dock at the left side, and the little black triangles for active programs are chopped off.

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