Aerial Geology

Thanks to Doc for the link to this incredible photo essay: Geology by Light Plane , designed and created by a college professor 40 years ago, and now available on the web.

Professor Louis Maher felt that the teaching of geology lent itself to visual presentation methods. Source material was available for in-class use, but he was looking ahead, to televised learning, and the rights (yes, DRM was a problem even back then) were too expensive to obtain for that usage. You can visit his site for an article on the details of their aerial geological expedition. In a nutshell, he and student Charles Mansfield spent almost two weeks flying around the western part of the United States, photographing some of the most unusual and interesting geological formations along the way.

Here’s a preview of just a couple of the many dozens of wonderful photographs they took (click on the image to see more from the same area):

Midway Geyser Basin

127-29: Midway Geyser Basin with Grand Prismatic Pool, Yellowstone Park, WY. The steam blowing northeastward by the Firehole River is from Excelsior Geyser (last active in 1890) (14Apr66)

Delicate Arch

123-04: Delicate Arch (center of photo) from air, view to southwest, Arches National Park, UT. See also photo 193-26. (13Apr66)