Four Years Already!

I just thought it worth noting that this blog turned four years old today! It’s been an interesting exercise, chronicling good times and bad, and though my posting frequency has always been intermittent, I can’t imagine not having this outlet for sharing.

I began the blog with a vague idea that perhaps I’d learn more about myself; I think that’s been true, though of course there are no headline making breakthroughs to announce.

I’ve learned a lot about more about the web as a result of blogging, of that there’s no doubt; I hope a little of that shows in the design of this site and it’s companions, luminosity and Little Sweden, USA.

I’ve also used this blog to give a voice to the incredible frustration felt by those of us who have been shocked and outraged as we’ve watched the principles our country stands for ripped to shreds by the lying criminals currently inhabiting the halls of power. On that topic I don’t feel I’ve been as successful as I’d hoped for. Early on, I posted sarcastic pieces; they were fun, but only to like-minded folks and they tended to upset the very folks I wanted to reach. For the past couple of years I’ve tried a more practical approach, appealing to reason instead of emotion, but I still don’t think I’m being effective. I’ll keep trying; defeat isn’t an option when you’re fighting for your country.

On the good news front, I’ve posted a number of very popular recipes, and the travel articles are well-liked. I’ll keep posting recipes, but can’t make any promises about the travelogues; I do post many travel photos on luminosity.

The other thing I’ve done somewhat successfully is to share interesting and odd stories that I run across during the normal course of surfing the web and tracking a few dozen blogs in my aggregator. I could post those more often; we’ll see what happens.

And that’s a quick look at four years of blogging. A wonderful journey, and one that I look forward to continuing for the forseeable future.