This One is Ugly

Sadly, this is just another predictable outcome of starting a war of choice. When one starts a war without a very compelling reason one has already lost the moral high ground … and things usually go downhill from there.

The thing is, I can’t completely blame the soldiers who performed the atrocities mentioned in the article. They can’t be judged by us, from the comfort of our homes. They know this war is unjust, they know that “support the troops” is nothing but a lie when they don’t even have the proper equipment and when veterans benefits are cut, they know they aren’t wanted over there, they’re serving much longer “sentences” than in Vietnam, where it was one year and out, and frankly, I think they just snapped under the pressure. They will probably need counseling when this war is over, and I think we have barely begun to see the current round of soldiers suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.

It shouldn’t take too much thought to know who I do blame …