Midsummer’s Day Coming Soon

I’m in my second year of providing the publicity for Lindsborg’s annual Midsummer’s event which is held the weekend of June 16th, with the main event all day on Saturday, June 17th. We’ve got a very special program this year, featuring many special guests, including Swedish Folk Dancers from Mora, Sweden. I’ve published full details over at Little Sweden, USA and I encourage folks to visit the site and find out more this fun-filled family event. Whether you’re thinking about attending Lindsborg’s Midsummer’s Festival or if you’re just interested in Swedish culture there’s a lot of interesting details about a festival such as Midsummer’s.

One thing we’re doing that’s new this year is a tie-in with the downtown merchants. Called Midsummer’s Madness, participants can visit downtown stores and then enter a contest to win a very fine piece of artwork made by a local artist. Full details about the Lindsborg Midsummer’s Madness Drawing and the overall Lindsborg Midsummer’s Festival are available by following the preceding links. The prize is so nice that I want to share a picture:

Kurbit design tray

Kurbit design tray by Carla J Wilson