Cheers for OS Con

Despite the surprising lack of refreshments during the breaks, the O’Reilly Open Source Conference is turning out to be a highly rewarding experience. The sessions I’ve attended have been technically stimulating as well as thought provoking. Open source is such a large umbrella that there are multiple tracks, ranging from the highly technical to sessions … Read more

Jeers for OS Con (Where’s the Coffee!?)

While the opening keynote was fine, and I am looking forward to the rest of the day’s sessions, I do have some negative feedback for the organizers of the O’Reilly Open Source Conference. I don’t (yet) know of a more effective way to provide this feedback, so this blog entry will have to suffice. Unlike … Read more

Stumbled Upon

Looking at my site stats this morning I saw I was getting about 5 times the normal amount of traffic. A quick look at my referrer log showed that I had been StumbleUpon’ed! So, a hearty welcome to those visiting from the SumbleUpon site, one of many social-networking sites that are intended to facilitate sharing … Read more

Lindsborg Fireworks 2006

I’m happy to report that my recent attempts at photographing fireworks worked reasonably well. I had a chance to practice Sunday night at the Kanopolis fireworks display and used that experience on Tuesday at the annual Lindsborg Fireworks show. I was situated about two blocks south of the fireworks, and had a great view on … Read more

Midsummer’s 2006: Misc Images

We’ll wrap up the photo coverage of this year’s Midsummer’s Day Festival in Lindsborg, Kansas with a few photos that didn’t fit in any of the other categories. This Swedish flag helped set the tone for the day. :: Members of the Midsummer’s Day committee wish everyone a happy holiday. :: Lindsborg Mayor John Magnuson … Read more

Midsummer’s 2006: Lindsborg Folkdanslag

The Lindsborg Folkdanslag provide their unique brand of Swedish Folk Dancing as they entertain the crowds at Lindsborg’s 2006 Midsummer’s Festival on June 17th.