Cheers for OS Con

Despite the surprising lack of refreshments during the breaks, the O’Reilly Open Source Conference is turning out to be a highly rewarding experience. The sessions I’ve attended have been technically stimulating as well as thought provoking. Open source is such a large umbrella that there are multiple tracks, ranging from the highly technical to sessions that are more business/marketing oriented. I’m mostly following the technical track, but am mixing it up a bit, just for a different perspective if nothing else.

Though I’ve been taking notes, it’s unlikely I’ll do like I did at eTech and post an entry per session. I’ll probably end up writing a summary of my impressions for work, and if it makes sense, I’ll post that here as well.

The sessions listing at the O’Reilly site provides a good overview of the materials covered this week, and if you’re interested in the latest news from the Open Source front, reviewing the sessions and then following up on topics of interest should prove an effective way to keep on top of some of the latest technologies and solutions coming from the Open Source community.