Stumbled Upon

Looking at my site stats this morning I saw I was getting about 5 times the normal amount of traffic. A quick look at my referrer log showed that I had been StumbleUpon’ed!

So, a hearty welcome to those visiting from the SumbleUpon site, one of many social-networking sites that are intended to facilitate sharing amongst friends (and strangers)!

To make this a relevant post for the travel archives, I should mention that I’m actually on the road as I write this, and haven’t had much time to post about my current travels. Not to fear as I’ve posted a few current travel images on my photoblog, luminosity, and I invite you to click over there for some recent photos of Lake Tahoe and the Colorado Mountains and more:

Tahoe Tree

Colorado Waterfall

Flowers and Aspens

Hakone Garden

Two Trees Overlooking Emerald Bay

Tahoe Sunset