Telemarketer Fun

Speaking of annoying phone calls, it’s true that the unsolicited call volume has declined since the passage of the Do Not Call laws, but occasionally one still slips through. Now, depending on your mood and how much time you have, you don’t have to simply hang up in anger. Instead, turn the tables with this … Read more

Harassing Phone Calls

If you’ve been plagued by a series of phone calls where no one is on the other end when you answer, I have at least one explanation for what may be happening. For the past few weeks, at various times of the day, we’ve received phone calls from an unrecognized name, and when we’ve answered, … Read more

Kanopolis Dragonflies

Update, via cousin Joni: damselflies, not dragonflies. I had pretty good luck photographing dragondamselflies at the Smoky Hill River right below the Kanopolis spillway yesterday afternoon; a few are shown below. Click any of the images to see my Flickr damselfly set. ::

Chocolate Walnut Pie

Similar in some ways to a traditional pecan pie, this recipe was borne of necessity. I had ample supplies of chocolate* and walnuts, and company was on the way! A quick search located a number of good looking recipes, and here’s what I ended up making (based on this recipe): Chocolate Walnut Pie Ingredients 2 … Read more

Yellowstone Animal Review

One of the highlights of our visit to Yellowstone National Park happened 2 weeks ago today, when we first entered the park and got a relatively close view of a bear. But of course Yellowstone is known for a wide variety of wildlife, and we managed to get a few photos of some of Yogi’s … Read more

Yellowstone Hot Springs

Over the years we’ve come to enjoy visiting the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada and soaking in the natural hot springs located near Bridgeport and Mammoth. There’s something primal and unfinished about land that is geothermally active; in the winter the hot springs are easy to find as the steam from their heated waters … Read more

A Day on the Columbia River

A couple of Saturdays ago we had occasion to make our way from Portland, Oregon to Walla Walla, Washington. Naturally, we decided to take the slowest, most scenic route possible, and that meant we would travel along the Columbia River most of the day. We began the day on the Oregon side of the river … Read more

Went to Jellystone; Saw Yogi

or something like that. Actually, we were very, very lucky. Our whole long day conspired to put us at exactly the right place at exactly the right time. We left Walla Walla in the morning, and after checking into our room at Gardiner, MT, we decided to drive down into Yellowstone for a quick look … Read more