Telemarketer Fun

Speaking of annoying phone calls, it’s true that the unsolicited call volume has declined since the passage of the Do Not Call laws, but occasionally one still slips through.

Now, depending on your mood and how much time you have, you don’t have to simply hang up in anger. Instead, turn the tables with this handy anti-telemarketer counterscript. Have the script located in an easily accessible location, and when you get the next unwanted sales call, immediately start asking the questions from the script.

Beginning with ascertaining their name and on through how they like their job, this really is a harmless way to relieve a little pressure. I’ve done it a few times, and, because I’m not completely heartless and know that the folks on the phone are trying to make a living, I don’t linger forever (my real beef is with the companies who engage in this most annoying type of marketing). I’ve never had anyone get angry, though folks sure do get confused, and some get into the spirit of things and easily swap roles, letting you take the lead.

The script is available as a PDF file: Anti-telemarketer Counterscript. Enjoy your next unwanted interruption instead of just being annoyed!