Went to Jellystone; Saw Yogi

or something like that.

Actually, we were very, very lucky. Our whole long day conspired to put us at exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Yellowstone bear

We left Walla Walla in the morning, and after checking into our room at Gardiner, MT, we decided to drive down into Yellowstone for a quick look before returning to the park for a full day the next day. A few miles in, near the waterfall at the Golden Gate Canyon, we saw a relatively large group of folks looking into the canyon and taking pictures.

Yellowstone bear

What they were looking at was a bear that was climbing down the opposite side of the canyon, down to the stream that lie at the bottom of the canyon. I quickly joined in, and took photos as the bear went down the canyon to the stream, headed up the stream, and then, when he had gone farther than people could easily reach, climbed up the side of the canyon, crossed the road and after scampering up a hill on the other side of the road, disappeared into the woods.

It was truly an amazing experience!

More Yellowstone photos coming up in the near future, and if you click on either of the bear pictures above you will be taken to my Flickr site, which has a few more bear photos. There’s also a close-up of the bear posted at luminosity.