Yellowstone Animal Review

One of the highlights of our visit to Yellowstone National Park happened 2 weeks ago today, when we first entered the park and got a relatively close view of a bear. But of course Yellowstone is known for a wide variety of wildlife, and we managed to get a few photos of some of Yogi’s friends which are shown below.

Though we didn’t get a chance to see a bull moose with full antlers, we did see a few female and baby moose.

Yellowstone young moose


A magnificent bull elk.

Yellowstone bull elk


The pronghorn deer is a small, fast animal with unique markings including ebony colored horns.

Yellowstone pronghorn deer


Everyone gave this large bison a wide berth!

Yellowstone bison in road


And, who can resist one more photo of Yogi?

Yellowstone bear


Visit flickr and see more, and larger, Yellowstone animal images.