The administration has started a new campaign, this time warning Americans against complacency. For once I actually agree with the words of their message, though I do have a different goal in mind in trying to waken folks from their complacent attitudes. It is complacency that has brought America to the brink of perhaps the … Read more

Nails in Their Tires

would be a very light punishment compared to what I’m thinking of when it comes to SPAMMERS. Once again I’ve been forced to put up barriers to legitimate posters to this site, all to weed out that scourge of the earth, that scum that is lower than a snake’s belly, the spammers. I’ve been flooded … Read more

London 2006

With the recent changes in air travel policies brought on in response to recent threats, I thought folks might be interested in my recent flight experiences. I recently flew on United from Wichita, Kansas to London’s Heathrow Airport, via Chicago. Security in Wichita hadn’t really changed much since I last flew about 18 months ago. … Read more