A Year of Luminosity

Today marks one year since I started my photoblog known as luminosity. Over the past 365 days, I’ve posted 330 entries, mostly landscape photos, local celebrations, and memories from our travels. The first 6 months I somehow managed to post a picture a day! That’s a pace that won’t be repeated in the coming year, … Read more

Kansas Fall Photos

We headed over to northeastern Kansas this weekend, looking for fall color. Instead we got rain, but the day we arrived it was sunny, and I got a few good pictures. The first two photos were taken near Douglas State Fishing Lake which was drained last year for dam maintenance. :: The third was taken … Read more

Friday the 13th in Kansas

On a day that’s sad, as we note what would have been mom’s 70th birthday, I am heartened by news on the political front. Kansans throughout history have been known for their independent and critical thinking. And today that tradition was upheld when a staunchly Republican paper announced their plans to endorse a primarily Democratic … Read more

Off Site Backups

I spend a fair amount of time and money working to do all I can to preserve my large and rapidly growing image collection. How large and how fast? 4 years ago, when I first established an online image archive, I had 20 gigabytes worth of images. I currently have almost 140GB. Over the weekend … Read more

Iraq Update

The situation continues to worsen in Iraq. Already this month over 20 US soldiers have been killed. The Iraqis themselves are faring worse than our soldiers, as these reports indicate: BAGHDAD – A total of 30 bodies, most of them shot and tortured, were found in different districts of Baghdad during the past 24 hours, … Read more

President Bush is a Liar!

The fact that Bush and Cheney lie to the American public is well documented elsewhere, but this one jumped out at me. I am very disgusted by this administrations tactic of bearing false witness against those who disagree with them. On October 4th, as reported by the Washington Post and others, he made this extremely … Read more

Photos from Paris and London

I’ve been extremely busy since returning from Paris and London and have not had a chance to put together a travelogue posting. I did, however, manage to post 25 photos from the trip on my photoblog, luminosity. Every image posted during September was taken while overseas, and so in a sense the September archive serves … Read more