A Good Day

Greetings from the purple state of Kansas! While the majority of voters voted Republican on a majority of issues, this year there were a number of races where Democrats prevailed.

We’ve got a Democrat for Governor as well as for Attorney General. Katherine Sebelius was re-elected as Kansas Governor (guess we had a slight purplish tint already) and in what must be seen as a vote for decency, Paul Morrison won against yet another reactionary Republican, who, like so many of his ilk, seems obsessed with sexual matters. Good riddance, I say.

And in a vote for common sense, and an acknowledgment that science and religion are quite capable of co-existing, the Kansas State Board of Education has returned to a moderate majority. They will no doubt strike down the previous board’s attempts to elevate religion above science.

Also, I want to thank our lame duck president for all he did to help out in Kansas. He campaigned for Kansas representative Jim Ryun (a boyhood hero to many Kansans; he set the world record for the 1 mile run when I was a lad) and handed the victory to Nancy Boyda, a fine Democrat. In fact, I have to thank him twice, as he also campaigned against the Democrat’s candidate in Nebraska and helped propel him to a victory. This after he inadvertently endorsed the demos candidate! As he likes to say, “you’re doin’ a heckuva job” there W.

And then there’s the national front. With a gain of 30+ seats in the House, and a real possibility of taking the Senate, I couldn’t be much happier (though my disgust with Lieberman remains unchanged).

Though a bit hyperbolic, this election reminds me of the saying: “our long national nightmare is over”. Perhaps now we can return to basics. We are Americans, and we (Pat Roberts notwithstanding) are not afraid. We value the basic principles on which our country was founded and reject the current administrations claims that “we have to destroy democracy to save our country”.

And as an American, I feel more patriotic than ever. In a time of crisis we rallied around our leader and 5 years later, when we finally realized he’s not capable of doing the job, we elected a House of Representatives that can put the brakes on his more outrageous attacks against our constitution and can help provide guidance on important matters of national security. He forgets that as the President he now represents all of the people, not just those of his party. I may forgive him for labeling Democrats as as terrorists, because that’s my nature, but I will never forget.

Our country, right or wrong. When right, to be kept right, when wrong to be put right.