I see that once again our inept “leader” has sunk to new lows in political discourse. He’s now equating voting for Democrats as being supportive of terrorism.

Memo to GW: We are all Americans! You have no right to call Democrats terrorists. You legacy is that of the worst American president, EVER, and as far as I’m concerned, you can go to hell! You disgust me, and are an embarrassment to the office of the presidency. At this point I have to reverse the question you’ve asked about terrorists: “why do YOU hate our country so much?”

And, don’t think we’re not paying attention. No matter one’s party affiliation, if this vote is screwed up by electronic voting machines the number one topic for the next election will be returning the right to vote to all Americans.

I did not serve my country just to stand by idly while you do everything in your power to destroy our great nation, that’s why I’m outspoken on matters such as this.

Oh, and there’s the latest from Iraq. We’ve apparently abandoned (yes, you read that right) an American soldier lost behind enemy lines. Why? Because the Iraqi prime minister took orders from Moqtada al-Sadr, and instructed the U.S. military to withdraw from Sadr City. The American forces were trying both to stabilize the city but also to find a missing American serviceman. He is still missing.

how low?