Hooters 2006 Calendar

Unlike the best blonde joke, this link to the Hooters 2006 Calendar actually has a pay-off, though it’s probably not what you’re expecting. Go ahead, check it out; it’s completely work-safe.

Best Blonde Joke

I found this amusing when I first saw it last year, and in the bleakness of winter, it seems a little levity is in order so I’ve decided to pass on this link to the best blonde joke. Go ahead, click the link. Even if, like me, this normally isn’t your “thing”. Just do it … Read more

Island Dreams?

Displaying both an active imagination and also perhaps trying to wrangle a trip to Hawaii for her and her mom, my grand-daughter Moneka wrote the following as part of her spelling homework. Each of her assigned words is in italics, and while the spelling words aren’t be too hard for a third-grader, I got a … Read more

Give Me Liberty

Here’s the deal: if I, as a woman, choose, for whatever reason, to have an abortion, that’s my right, and no one is going to stop me. This nonsense about spousal notifications that Alito espouses is just that: nonsense. Now, I may lose my husband if I abort without his knowledge. I may be cast … Read more

Legal Authority

It’s always best to have legal cover when taking over a country. Clearly (in some minds) the need for an imperial presidency outweighs over 200 years of experience with a balanced government, where the legislative, judicial and executive branches worked together for the good of the country.

20 Best Photos of 2005

I’ve been a fairly active Flickr user this past year, so it only seemed natural for me to select my 20 best photos of the past year, and post them to the Flickr Top 20 of 2005 group. A copy of the mosaic created for this purpose is shown below, and below that are the … Read more

A Baker’s Dozen from 2005

13 good things about last year: Visiting with and getting to know family and friends, old and new, and in general feeling welcomed into the community. Lindsborg is a special place, and we’re very satisfied with our decision to move here. Family generally healthy, my brother Steven’s heart notwithstanding. Aunt Adelia turned 90, and is … Read more