Herb Onion Batter Bread

Herb Onion Batter Bread 2 C water 2 Tbs sugar 1 Tbs active dry yeast 2 tsp salt 2 Tbs olive oil 1.5 tsp Italian spice mix (Penzey’s Buttermilk Ranch works great) 4 C flour 1/2 onion, dice and cooked till carmelized Combine water, sugar and yeast. Add salt, oil, spices and 2 cups of … Read more

A Good Day

Greetings from the purple state of Kansas! While the majority of voters voted Republican on a majority of issues, this year there were a number of races where Democrats prevailed. We’ve got a Democrat for Governor as well as for Attorney General. Katherine Sebelius was re-elected as Kansas Governor (guess we had a slight purplish … Read more

VMware Tips

I’ve been experimenting with a variety of virtual machines running under VMware’s Server product, and hosted on my home linux computer. Along the way I’ve run into a number of fairly standard issues, which I resolved fairly quickly. Then were a few issues that were tricky enough to resolve that I decided to note them … Read more


I see that once again our inept “leader” has sunk to new lows in political discourse. He’s now equating voting for Democrats as being supportive of terrorism. Memo to GW: We are all Americans! You have no right to call Democrats terrorists. You legacy is that of the worst American president, EVER, and as far … Read more

Halloween Mashup

Here’s a Halloween treat: Yes, it’s the pumputer, and you can see a whole series of photos that chronicle the creation of this only on Halloween Apple pumpkin mash-up. Link courtesy of the Unofficial Apple Weblog

A Year of Luminosity

Today marks one year since I started my photoblog known as luminosity. Over the past 365 days, I’ve posted 330 entries, mostly landscape photos, local celebrations, and memories from our travels. The first 6 months I somehow managed to post a picture a day! That’s a pace that won’t be repeated in the coming year, … Read more

Kansas Fall Photos

We headed over to northeastern Kansas this weekend, looking for fall color. Instead we got rain, but the day we arrived it was sunny, and I got a few good pictures. The first two photos were taken near Douglas State Fishing Lake which was drained last year for dam maintenance. :: The third was taken … Read more

Friday the 13th in Kansas

On a day that’s sad, as we note what would have been mom’s 70th birthday, I am heartened by news on the political front. Kansans throughout history have been known for their independent and critical thinking. And today that tradition was upheld when a staunchly Republican paper announced their plans to endorse a primarily Democratic … Read more