Marketing Genius!?

Marketing genius is not the first phrase I would use to describe myself, and likely not even 10th on the list. But I read it in the paper, and you know what they say, “it must be true, I saw it in the paper.” Ahem.

Still, the backstory behind the quote makes me happy. Since moving to Lindsborg I’ve tried to do all I can to get the word out about our lovely little community. I’ve written many blog entries and posted a lot of pictures to give folks a sense of the subtle beauty that exists here in the prairie land. It’s a vicious cycle: post a picture, get positive feedback, post another picture; repeat.

I also do a weekly two minute radio show called The Lindsborg Update where I highlight upcoming events of interest to both the community and potential visitors to Lindsborg. I post the text of each week’s episode on my Lindsborg blog, Little Sweden, USA. Last spring I recorded a few podcasts of the Lindsborg Update, and it was some combination of my podcasts, other writings and photos on the web that helped contribute to this story with a happy ending.

Some time within the last year I mentioned to Sheryl that I bet someday, someone would be visiting Lindsborg, and would tell someone, maybe at the Chamber of Commerce, that they really liked our town and found out about it from one of my web pages. I know, I know. But I have to say, I never expected any of writings to help influence someone to move to Lindsborg.

You can read the whole story in the February 1st edition of the Lindsborg News-Record (unfortunately, they’re not yet online), but the gist of it is that Bob Ryan and his wife Sheila purchased the Viking Motel and moved to Lindsborg last fall. In the referenced article, Bob mentions how much research they did on the internet to find a compatible community for their planned move from Phoenix and how they came to consider Lindsborg.

Here’s the money quote that inspired this posting:

For example, among the biggest promoters I noticed in Kansas were Bill Curtis … and Lindsborg’s Mike Rodriquez — he’s a marketing genius and doesn’t know it.

Bob and Sheila, I think you made a great decision; welcome to Lindsborg!

(Here’s a scan of the paper; makes it more real, don’t you think?)

lnr quote