Laura Ellen: Out to Lunch

but this time, she’s not coming back. Laura Ellen, DJ and program director at my favorite radio station (KPIG), passed away on Memorial Day. As these things so often go, she had barely found out she had cancer before it took her away. As a full-time telecommuter, I listen to KPIG almost every day. And … Read more

Memorial Day 2007

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. — Thomas Jefferson

Lindsborg Celebrates Midsummer’s June 16th

I’m in my 3rd year as publicist for Lindsborg’s Midsummer’s Day Festival, a role that has been both fun and challenging. Who knew a quiet software type could turn into a marketing machine! Anyway, it’s a bit more than 3 weeks until Lindsborg celebrates Midsummer’s Day the weekend of June 16th, and if you have … Read more

Friday Foto Fun

Via Thomas Hawk I came across a fun little quiz that may or may not accurately indicate the type of photographer one most resembles. I’m reasonably pleased to see that my photographic efforts are most in line with photos created by one of my heroes, Ansel Adams. Which famous photographer are you? Ansel Adams: Known … Read more

All the Pages is 5 Years Old

Don’t have a lot to say today, but I did want to note the 5th birthday of my blog, All the Pages Are My Days!! Like a lot of bloggers (but not Doc and Dave, my original blog heroes*), I no longer try to post every day. I do post when I have something to … Read more

Lindsborg Flood of 2007

The Smoky Hill River in Lindsborg peaked at a height of 23.07 feet at 6pm on Monday, the 7th of May. That’s technically a couple of feet above flood stage. The first photo below was taken on the morning of the 7th, and the rest were taken right around 5:30pm. There was no damage, thankfully, … Read more

Spillway View Revisited

When we created the Spillway View geocache a couple of years ago we had concerns that the cache might suffer if the river got too high. That didn’t really bother us, as we were in such a drought that it would have been a relief to have enough water to cover the cache! Well, vandals … Read more

Modern Storm Watching

Back when I was a kid we had nothing like modern weather radar systems to keep us informed about storms and heavy weather. As I recall, there was some trick involving tuning the TV (antenna, of course, no cable back then) to an unused channel; exactly how this was supposed to warn us of tornadoes … Read more

What’s in a Number?

There was a minor kerfuffle on the intertubes earlier this week as Digg tried unsuccessfully to limit links to web sites that contained a 16-digit hexadecimal number that is part of the built-in copy protection system used in HD-DVD players. The reason Digg undertook to limit these links is because the AACS Licensing Authority, which … Read more

Mission NOT Accomplished

sigh. You know what I’m talking about. A challenge to my detractors: explain to me, in one simple sentence that speaks to specifics, not lofty ideals, what are our goals in Iraq, and answer specifically, how would you define victory in Iraq? If you can’t do that, then I would appreciate not being labeled a … Read more