Full Moon Over Lindsborg

Even if it hadn’t been too cloudy for stargazing last Saturday, the full moon would have presented difficulties. That didn’t stop us from having a picnic on Coronado Heights, and as it turned out, the clouds lightened, allowing me to get a few interesting pictures of the full moon over Lindsborg. :: The photos were … Read more

One’s Slow and One’s Grumpy

How Long? by Kenny White one’s slow & one’s grumpy they live in the white house they have lots of parties the fun never ends let’s make sure when the day finally comes time to move out they don’t hand the keys off to one of their friends and how long are we gonna put … Read more

Chocolate Chip and Pecan Cookies

Motivated by the desire to make something with pecans and chocolate, I ended up making this recipe last weekend. These cookies are really very good! They taste somewhat like regular chocolate chip cookies, which is surprising given their dark color. Chocolate Chip and Pecan Cookies Ingredients 1 C butter 1/2 C brown sugar 1/2 C … Read more

Backyard Milky Way

My on again, off again interest in astronomy is on the rise again, and this time I plan to focus on an area that’s always held my interest, astrophotography. I’ve dabbled before, but never really engaged, but I think this time will be different. Rather than focusing on some telescope I wanted to buy, and … Read more

Lindsborg Fireworks 2007

Rain delayed Lindsborg’s annual fireworks display by one day, until July 5th. While this may have led to a smaller crowd, it didn’t hurt the fireworks at all. You can see even more images (larger ones, too) at my Fireworks 2007 set on Flickr.

Fireworks on the 4th!

I love fireworks; here’s a photo from last year’s celebration here in Lindsborg.