August Grab Bag

I’ve recently come across a number of interesting items that I want to share, but don’t have time to write individual posts for each one. Instead, I’ll just write a sentence or two about each topic and encourage you to click the links for the full story. We’ll start with this wonderful time-lapse photo of … Read more

Spookin’ the Horses

Spookin’ the Horses by Fred Eaglesmith You’re spookin’ the horses, they’re wild and they’re scared, with that bright colored makeup, and those clothes that you wear, and I seen you dancing, last night ‘neath the trees. You’re spookin’ the horses and you’re scaring me. Where the road meets the highway, those bright city lights, must … Read more

More About MT4 Upgrade

Here’s a link with more information about the Movable Type 4 upgrade. This upgrade, like the ones that preceded it in prior years, was essentially painless and fairly easy. First, I backed up my database using phpmyadmin, as described here. Then I created a new database using Pair’s control panel. The import via phpmyadmin didn’t … Read more

Movable Type Version 4

If you can see this, at least some part of the site’s upgrade to the latest version of Movable Type worked!

Alaska Adventure (by proxy)

If you’ve never dreamed of visiting Alaska, this photo-essay may change your mind. If it’s something you’ve been meaning to do, you’ll want to do it even more after viewing these pictures. Intrepid adventurer Shaun Lunt spent the summer flying his small Supercub airplane around Alaska and took some absolutely wonderful pictures of his adventures. … Read more

Lessons and Celebrations

In recognition of the problems with violence in the workplace and in our schools, I present: Things I learned Today: If someone is venting, and talks about violence in a general way, it’s probably not a problem. That is, “I’m gonna teach him a lesson” is probably just someone letting off steam. If someone is … Read more

4th of July Storm Clouds

In the better late than never category, here are a few photos of the storm of July 4th that caused the Lindsborg fireworks to be delayed by one day. These were taken just north of McPherson, and while pretty intense looking, thankfully never developed into a damage causing storm. The images are contrasty, with slightly … Read more

Sleep in the Stars

“One day, the pain would be gone; but never the memory.” That was the last line of a book that I read years ago; unfortunately I’ve forgotten the name of the book but that in no way diminishes the sentiment embodied by the statement. UPDATE: As Ben correctly noted in the comments, the book is … Read more

August Moon

Below are the results of one of my early attempts at lunar photography via a technique known as eyepiece projection. Similar to afocal imaging, eyepiece projection is aided by a small piece of hardware that couples the camera body to an eyepiece and holder which is attached to the telescope. Below the first 3 images … Read more