70 Years Ago

We were looking through old photos last night, and I noticed that this one, of Uncle Rollin and Aunt Adelia, was taken 70 years ago in September of 1937. Looks like they were having fun; presumably the photographer jumped out of the way and wasn’t run over! The tower in the background is interesting. It … Read more

Three Years Ago: Deep Springs

September 25th 2004 was a very long day. We left Bridgeport very early in the morning and headed down towards Bishop where a stop at the famous Schat’s bakery would help provide fuel for our long journey. By 8:30 in the morning we were almost to Nevada, and stopped to take a few photos. We … Read more

Three Years Ago

In reviewing my archives I see that I’ve noted the 1st and 2nd anniversaries of arriving (back) in Lindsborg. For no particular reason, this year I’m marking the day we began our journey, the 24th of September 2004. We spent the night in Bridgeport (Ca), at the Walker River Inn. The first three images were … Read more

Photos: Week of September 16th 2007

Here’s a sampling of the photos I took last week. As usual, there are many more at my Flickr site. We start with a flock of wild turkeys near Kanopolis. :: Next, two views near the spillway at Kanopolis. :: Our backyard pimento plant, planted late in the season, did yield one very nice red … Read more

Larger than Life?

Yes, that’s a crab, and yes, that’s a trash can. No, it’s not a still from a horror movie. Click the image to find out more about this coconut cracking, seemingly larger-than-life, hermit crab, commonly called a coconut crab. Thanks to apostropher for the link.

Three Views of a Tragedy

Thanks to Tom at Random Acts of Reality for the links to a tragic tale of cars, alcohol and young drivers. Given the new school year has just begun, and with it a zest for new experiences, this is a timely story. I am reminded of a terrible accident in San Jose in the early … Read more

Long Exposures at the Kansas State Fair

While visiting the Kansas State Fair I took some long exposure photos that were inspired by a recent Thomas Hawke led photowalk at the Santa Monica Pier. There is an amusement park at the end of the pier, and it was the night-time long exposure photos that really got my attention. Given the opportunity, I … Read more

Canon 40D Images

My new digital SLR, a Canon 40D, arrived on Friday, and after work I headed down to Maxwell State Park to take a few photos. My results were nothing special, and the bison weren’t cooperating, but I got enough good shots to get a feeling I’m really going to like this camera. The 40D is … Read more

Fun with Comic Life

I’ve been wanting to play with the Mac-based comic creation program, Comic Life, and this weekend I finally had a chance. My first efforts are show below: It’s Labor Day today, and Greta and Mabel note the occasion. :: It’s easy to get these two things confused. :: Talking turkey (a little early); this was … Read more