Three Years Ago: Deep Springs

September 25th 2004 was a very long day. We left Bridgeport very early in the morning and headed down towards Bishop where a stop at the famous Schat’s bakery would help provide fuel for our long journey.

By 8:30 in the morning we were almost to Nevada, and stopped to take a few photos. We were in the most desolate place I think I’ve ever been. You can see the green spot on the left side of the photos; I always thought it was an extremely remote ranch.

As it turns out, it’s not a ranch, but rather an exclusive, private, 2 year men’s liberal arts college known as Deep Springs College. The entire valley is known as Deep Springs and as I mentioned, it’s really, really out in the middle of nowhere! The photos are taken from the east end of the valley, looking back towards the rest. The college is on the south, or left, side of the photos, and on the right side of the map.

Deep Springs

Deep Springs

Deep Springs

As a little experiment, here’s an embedded Google map hybrid (street and satellite) view of Deep Springs:

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I didn’t really take any pictures the rest of the trip, as we pushed all the way to Gallup, NM that day, with no stops for sight-seeing. We did eat lunch overlooking Hoover Dam outside of Las Vegas, so I’ll close this post with an image taken from where we ate, but from about 6 months earlier.

Hoover Dam

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