Coronado Sunset, November 2007

Returning from Salina yesterday at just the right time, I was able to capture a few interesting images of Coronado Heights at sunset. I was located about 2 miles east of the hill at the time, and just a bit to the north.

Kanopolis at Horsethief, Fall 2007

Late afternoon on a crisp fall day. Nice to see water in this part of the lake; it was completely dry two years ago.

I Get Around

A while back I got a request to use one of my images that was posted to Flickr. The request was made because I had licensed the image with a Creative Commons license that encouraged non-commercial reuse. After a brief email chat I agreed to the proposed usage, and you can see my night photo … Read more

Gretsch G5120

I’ve dabbled with learning to play the guitar off and on for most of my life but have yet to progress beyond the chord-plunking stage. I did take lessons about 10 years ago, and they helped me get as far as I have, but it’s not very far. Since the lessons I’ll occasionally pick up … Read more

Creative Commons Chinese Photo Contest

I’ve more or less “canceled” this entry as just a few days after the initial posting I discovered all the images, and indeed, the entire contest site, had disappeared. I think a lot of the joy of photography stems from the voyage of discovery found through the lens. Try as you might to envision the … Read more