EZCube Table Top Studio

It’s been many years since I first thought about setting up a miniature studio to be used to photograph small items such as knick-knacks, jewelry and other similar sized subjects; until now I’ve never made a serious effort towards putting such a studio together. I’ve dabbled with ad-hoc setups in the past, but nothing that … Read more

A Nice Day in Lindsborg

It was a nice day in Lindsborg today. It was nice having morning coffee with my dad, a rare treat as he lives in Lyons; he’s staying with us till power is restored at his place. It was nice having the kids here, playing video games and IM’ing each other on their laptops as they … Read more

Beautiful Aftermath

Here’s a few photos of the icy aftermath, beautiful in the bright sunlight: The storm had an impact days after the initial hit; see my updated posting about day 1 of the ice storm for details.

Help is Available

If you or one of your loved ones is having a hard time coping with life’s issues, I strongly recommend you read this article, written by someone who’s been there, and is much happier being here. Read it, think about it and then, do something; you don’t have to suffer! Especially during the Christmas holiday … Read more

Lindsborg Ice Storm, Day One

UPDATE 13 Dec 2007: Though not severe in terms of visible damage, the storm’s effect on the area’s electrical infrastructure has been severe. Parts of Lindsborg have had had intermittent power since Tuesday, and some of the rural areas have been without power for 2-3 days. 40 miles from here the town of Lyons is … Read more

Candles and a Song

The beautiful candles are from Juliana: :: The song is a video of an interesting acoustic version of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, performed by a group of young Swedes known as CHiP-CHoP: Click to watch the video: Knocking on Heaven’s Door It’s been 5 years already since we lost mom, and I’m sure I speak … Read more

Minor Site Update

Visitors to this site may have noticed a new menu bar at the top of the page. I added this bit of navigation, which provides links to various sites I maintain, to make it easier for folks to find those sites. The new menu is shown below (slightly adjusted to fit): All the Pages | … Read more